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Fridge Repair Dubai

Keep Things Cool in Your Home:
Fridges and Freezer are extremely best appliances that provide us a facility to save our foods. Fridge repair in Dubai is a common service that is need of every person. Due to Hot Weather in Dubai the whole year fridge is an important Appliance. Whenever you face any issue related to your fridge you want a prefect and Quick service Provider.
The good news is that home fix is providing Same Day Fridge Repair Service in overall Dubai. Our expert team can repair every type Fridge and Freezer either it is a major issue or minor problem.
Home Fix Can Solve any issue like compressor not working, gas leakage , fan motor is not working also we can replace any part related to the problem.

Most Common Issue which our Customer Call us:

  • Compressor is not working
  • Fridge is not cooling Properly
  • Fridge is Leaking Due to drain blockage
  • Fridge Freezing Food
  • Fridge Making a Loud Noise
  • The Fridge Creates Bad Smell
 For the solution of all these problems you are always looking for a quick and quality service provider. So you can call our Expert team who know the work of these appliances.

Fridge Major Parts Which Mostly Get Faulty:


Condenser Coil


Filter Dryer

Different Types Of Fridges Which We Commonly Repair:

  • Top Freezer Fridges
  • Bottom Freezer Fridges
  • Side by Side Fridges
  • Double Door Fridges
  • French Door Fridges
  • Mini Fridges
  • Counter Depth Fridges

Also Home Fix Can Repair Different Types Commercial Ice Makers & Chillers Like as:

Freezer Ice Maker

Portable Ice Maker

Built-in Ice Maker Freezer

Freestanding ice Maker Machine

Common Issues We Repair in Ice Maker Machines:

  • Freezer is too warm
  • Water inlet Valve is defective
  • Low Water Coming Pressure
  • Ice Level Control Board fails

Why Choose Us :

  • Qualified experts
  • Fixed and  Reasonable prices
  • Warranty Services
  • Special offers
  • Services according your availability
  • Quick Service Provider

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Fridge, Freezer, Refrigerator & Ice Maker Brands Which We commonly Repair: