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Are you stressed by the thought of laundry piling in your house? Is your washing machine giving you trouble or showing signs of malfunction? 

Are you in need of washing machine repair in Mira Oasis Dubai? Do not worry. The Home Fix Electric Appliances Repairing is at your service.

No More Piled Up Laundries | Washing Machine Repairing Experts Are At Your Service

Adapting to Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyle can make it hectic to manage all the household chores alone. Here is where the machines play an important role. This makes the washing machine a crucial appliance in every household to manage clean laundry. When you are working a 9 to 7 job, the time you have can be limited. Having a reliable washing machine technician in Dubai makes life so much easier. 

It is also important to choose the right washing machine while purchasing one. There are several kinds of washing machines available on the market at different types and price ranges. Considering your budget and requirements can help you find a suitable washing machine for your home. Along with servicing and repairing, we also assist with new appliance supply and installation. 

Are you confused about which washing machine to opt for?

Worry not! 

We may have a few tips for choosing the right washing machine for your home.

Just because you have an addition to your family doesn’t mean that you want your electricity bill to skyrocket. Always look out for an energy rating. Opting for energy, water, and time-saving washing machines can be kind to you. Although higher capacities and many functions seem tempting, you should consider your family size to determine your requirements. 

As important as having a washing machine is, it is as important to maintain it as well. As they are expensive appliances, doing timely repair and service can help you save a lot of money in the future. Hence, it is essential to invest in washing machine repair service and maintenance.

Washing machine repair

What to do if my washing machine suddenly breaks down?

You don’t have to panic as long as we are here. 

Let us just accept the fact that machines can also get exhausted and may need some breaks. We are here to help you with such unexpected events. Such unexpected events can be a disaster if it is the weekend and you are expecting clean laundry to start your week. 

Our team is quick to respond and assist you. We are one of the best washing machine fixers in Dubai. It is common to have troubleshooting with your washing machines as we use them more frequently. Irrespective of the brand or cost, washing machines may break down for various reasons.

Some of them are:

  •  Overloading
  • Excess detergent
  • Not cleaning the lint filter
  • Not washing the drum
  • Keeping the door shut after washing 
  • Blocked drain pump
  • Mishandling

These are the things we often neglect until they become serious. Having cared for washing machines can also increase their durability. Although technical troubleshoots are unavoidable, being a responsible user and following regular service and maintenance can minimise the risks of breakdown to 50%. 

It may seem at times that our washing machine stopped without any notice. But if you are observant enough, you will sense the warnings your machine gave you before its breakdown.

Top signs that your washing machine needs an immediate check-up:

  •  Leakage
  •  Not draining
  • Making strange noises
  • Odour
  • Not washing the clothes properly
  • The drum won’t fill with water
  • Drum not spinning
  • Imbalance
  • Trouble turning on
  • Electricity tripping

In general, try not to overwhelm your washing machine with too much laundry. Keep the door open for a while after washing to let them breathe. This avoids odour and the build-up of moulds. Use the right amount of detergents. Also, call for washing machine repair in Dubai to help if you find any unusual leakage or troubleshooting. 

Why Home Fix?

Our technicians are qualified professionals keen on diagnosing the appliances and fixing the issues. Home Fix strives to provide the best service to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing quick assistance. We provide the most reasonable price on the market without compromising on the quality of service.

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