Washing Machine Repair in Dubai | Washing Machine Repair near me

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Washing Machine Repair In Dubai | Washing Machine Repair Near Me

washing machine repair inn dubai

Are you looking for fully trained and expert Washing Machine Repair in Dubai?


you looking for a same-day washing machine repair service?

Home Fix Appliances Repair at Dubai Home Service provider.

we have fully trained and expert technicians.

who provides you quick reliable washing machine repair service with effective results.

our team is expert in repairing all types of the washing machine with a guarantee and

we can provide same-day repairing service.

All our technicians are certified.

we are available 24/7.

There are many reasons you should consider us for washing machine repair in Dubai.

if your washing machine is working and has no serious problem

but it is stopping.

And you are using it regularly.

Whether your washing machine won’t power on,

won’t drain,


won’t clean properly your clothes,


your washing machine is Not Spinning


inlet pump faulty


you don’t have to stick with the annoyance of owning a broken appliance any longer!

Call Home Fix and fix it on the time.

our highly trained team will detect the problem.

and repair your faulty or broken washing machine.

quickly and affordably.

We are trusted by thousands of customers in Dubai.

No job is too big or too small!

If you’re in Dubai and need to have your washing machine or washer dryer fixed

you might have thought there’s no way to do it locally. Luckily, you can find washing machine fix services in Dubai.

that is perfect for you.

why choose us
  • Quick service
  • Reliable Service
  • money back warranty service
  • same day service
  • Affordable Service
  • we have certified Mechanics.
  • we have a dedicated team.

call us at 050 466 3349


visit our website www.thehomefix.ae


fill online form of contact us on our website page and book an appointment within 15 seconds.

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Contact us now to get quote

Contact us now to get quote


HomeFix is dedicated to providing repair and maintenance services of the highest quality without compromising safety standards and upholding the finest level of well-deserved customer service.

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