AC Repair Dubai | AC Repair Near Me

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AC Repair Dubai | AC Repair Near Me

Ac repair Dubai


AC Repair Dubai

Home Fix Appliances Repairing offers full inspection repair/replacement and troubleshooting for ac.

in the first visit, we inspect the issue of the Ac.

AC Repair

Duct Cleaning

Maintenance of AC


AC Disinfection Services

Central AC


Split Air Conditioner

Common Air Conditioner Problems In Dubai

Poor Performance

AC is not Cooling Properly.

Leaking Water


Air conditioners will often leak. If you’ve noticed this happening with your unit.

it is all because the daily service has not been done.


because the condensate pump has failed.


Failure to Cool

Either the chilled water strainers are blocked.

or the filters are dirty.

No Power


When your air conditioner unit is not turning on, it may simply a tripped fuse. If it is not working, one of our technicians will come to inspect and diagnose the problem


Excessive Noise

When your air conditioner creates sounds loud as compared to usual.  it is likely a faulty fan or condensate pump.


Bad Smell


your air conditioner units are re-circulating the air in the room

then smells creating.

AC service & Maintenance.

The Ac repair and maintenance service offered by home Fix is very effective.

we provide the best AC Repair and maintenance service in Dubai.



Being a licensed Air Conditioner Repair.

we inspect the heating and cooling system including:

First of All, we check the thermostat

to ensure that the thermostat of an air conditioner is in good condition.

We also checked that the thermostat is working properly and is installed.

Then we Checked the electric connections:

Also, we checked Lubricating the moving parts:

Therefore, at Home-Fix our team takes special care that all the drain lines are cleaned.

Cleaning Air Filters

If the any air filters are left dirty then we cleaned it first,


Signs when you need air conditioner service

call us 050 466 3349 or directly visit our website


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Contact us now to get quote

Contact us now to get quote

HomeFix is dedicated to providing repair and maintenance services of the highest quality without compromising safety standards and upholding the finest level of well-deserved customer service.

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